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November 29, 2008

Last week Saturday (08-11-08), I was eating my breakfast in a hotel located in the old city center of Vienna. I had a warm feeling left over from the opening* from the night before and I was reflecting on the past weeks with my girlfriend. Our relationship had been tested in ways we had never experienced before. Our patience had stretched to its breaking point. Yet we were able to overcome the frustrations, pain, fear, anger and sadness that had taken over our daily existence and found a way to share our emotions.

During this morning, at that table I remembered something so profound that I couldn’t hold my tears. The only way I have become the man I am today is because of the lessons I learned from and through others…. This realization alone was so powerful it took me a few minutes to get myself together.

After returning to Istanbul I found myself discussing this with a friend/writer of mine from Holland. My point to him was that I felt that it was our responsibility to share our experiences with the others. And that it is our responsibility to find new ways to communicate in such a way that they would want to own these experiences. After debating these ideological thoughts I came to the conclusion to start writing this Blog. Something I’d been postponing for far too long. So let’s see what this will bring.
Take care


* “Im Spiegel zwischen uns”. (“The mirror between us”). The Austrian ministry for education, arts and culture and I.K.S.V from Turkey supported the exhibition.

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