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40 Here I come.

January 6, 2009

Maybe it’s the weather. The time of the year. Too much stuffing doesn’t do well for ones digestion.
I started my blog with a writers block. And it’s still there. I thought reading other blogs would help me get inspired but the only thing that comes up in my mind is that misery loves company.

Yes it’s good when you are young . Just trying to get started while holding on to the older generations experiences and see where they made their mistakes. It helps to carve a path.

But when you are on that path does blogging or sharing really make a difference. Or is it just a marketing tool.
I want to believe we started on a journey to experience life.
“Listening through our eyes” to the beat of every day.
Sometimes it’s overwhelming and you need help. Sharing is a good way to remember what your true reasons for this journey was.
But when life is not overwhelming , what are we sharing then. Doesn’t it become something to live vicariously through others. Instead of realizing our own dreams.

It’s getting harder that’s for sure. The moment we have too many choices and too many voices we forget to listen to that one voice that spoke to us when nobody was around to help.
It’s a quit one, sometimes hard to hear. But when we listen it will tell us exactly what we need.

Mine is telling me now to stop pushing for everything to succeed. And get back to enjoying just where I am now at this moment of time. Sorry to bother you guys with all of this. It’s my 31st birthday today. 40 Here I come

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  1. Hi Ahment,

    Je maakt prachtig werk, je oog is diep en vol…lach en huil veel, dan komt alles voor elkaar, zolang de zoete en bittere tranen elkaar in een visie tegenkomen…Ik ben bijna 20 jaar ouder dan jij en het maakt geen verschil zolang je rust, liefde en visie vindt in en rondom jezelf, Veel geluk in je nieuwe jaar.

    Greets, Arjen

    • ahmetpolat permalink

      Thanks Arjen. Altijd fijn om ondersteunde woorden te horen.

  2. Je laatste alinea doet mij denken aan de eerste zin uit een nummer van Gotye: ‘If you’re always trying to get to the top, you won’t get to the bottom of nothing…’

    Mooie fotos’s, mooie projecten, mooie woorden!

    Ga zo door!

    Gr, Masha

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