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Thank you Istanbul.

January 21, 2009

“That you may live in interesting times”.
Is a Chinese saying which could be a blessing as well as a curse.

The big change I’m making is my move from Turkey to Holland.
It’s an interesting choice which I never though would happen at this moment of my life.
I’ve lived in Istanbul for 4 years now. It’s been hard but rewarding.
I learned many lessons about the meaning of friendships, trust, discipline, courage, and perseverance.
I’m moving because I feel there are more and bigger challenges ahead.
Turkey will always be a part of me. Thus I will be back many times a year for friends and work.

Thank you Istanbul for everything.

P.S. Good luck President Obama

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  1. Sorry to see you go!
    I really felt like your presence in Istanbul gave Dutch/Turkish people there the needed bit of extra motivation.
    Wish you all the luck, wherever your journey leads you to!

    Thanks Ahmet Polat for capturing what many people couldn’t see…


    P.S. Obama Bumaye

  2. Ilse Wagemakers permalink

    Ahmet, good luck!


  3. As I said, I understand, and wish you good luck, succcess, and a steady home in the midst of all your exciting journeys, which will bring you very often back to Turkey, i hope

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