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Moving ones, moving twice…

February 28, 2009

I wanted to start this blog talking about our move from Istanbul to The Hague.
How we drove through the Bulgarian Balkan mountains and got stuck in a snowstorm.

Seeing Romania after 15 years was a shock. So much has changed for the better, though we still had to pay “soup” money to the border police to get through without unpacking all our boxes.

My Bulgarian driver, Germany 2009

I wanted to laugh about how thorough the German toll police is
even swabbing my fingers to test me for drugs.

And I wanted to talk about our new record we set by moving twice in 24 hours.
After arriving in our first house we found out my knees would stick out when I was sitting
on the toilet. We couldn’t close the door so we decided to leave the entire house and find a new place.
We did the next day and moved immediately after being only 24 hours in Holland.

But in the end I’m just so happy that we weren’t on that Turkish airlines flight last Wednesday.
It easily could have been us. Especially because we planned to move this week.
And most of the time fly with this company.

My thoughts are with those families who were not that fortunate.

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