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Unseen images No.1

April 4, 2009

In 2007 I was asked to create a photographic gift for Princess Margriet of the Netherlands.
For 3 months I traveled back and fourth from Istanbul to Amsterdam looking for scenes near the water.
I wanted to show this particular shot I made in Fatih. It was during a normal weekday and nothing was really happening except for some kids who were lying on the grass.
I find the girl sitting against the tree, surrounded by anonymous boys with one guy snuggling up in her neck and one lying on her feet , amazing. I get this very uneasy feeling in my chest wondering what she is doing there? Why are these legs standing in a circle? And why is this boy holding his face as if he just got slapped?

Fatih-Istanbul, 2007

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One Comment
  1. hus permalink

    This really is a strange moment, makes me feel awkward. What i wonder: how do you capture a moment like this? It seems like none of them have noticed your presence..

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