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Time for reflection

August 20, 2009

Hello everybody.

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write on my blog. After moving from Istanbul to Holland I needed all my energy to get my life back on track. It’s the practical side of getting back into the system which can really suck the energy out of you. But I’m happy I’ve made the decision to leave that amazing city. I still think a lot about Istanbul though. I miss the buzz, the energy, waking up every day with a drive to push through the huge crowds of heads on the Istiklal (Taksim) or telling the cab driver where the short cuts are instead of the other way around. Every day was like a fight to get from one point to the other while on your way you still were not sure if all that pushing would lead to the outcome you wanted. Luckily I’ve been able to proceed developing my projects in and about Turkey.
Later on I will show some of the new work that I’ve made on ” the Afro Turks” doc. And I’ll explore some of the new themes I’ve been working on.

At the moment I’ve given myself the gift of time. Time to finish reading some books and starting some new ones.
I’m a big fan of comics and graphic novels. I just bought Persepolis a novel on the childhood life of a girl living in Iran ( What interest me was how she started the intro. One of the reasons for her to make this book was to show people (in the West) how different this country is from what we see in the media. I could say this for Turkey as well, maybe even for a lot of countries in the world, that the Western perspective on the Middle East or most countries that are not Western is far from the reality. For the last 10 years I’ve been trying to understand Turkey form the inside out. And I must say it hasn’t been easy. Especially when Turks themselves don’t really know what makes them a Turk.

The next 12 months I’ll work on a topic I believe will really push this theme of Turkish Identity a bit further.
Together with the FOAM museum ( in Amsterdam I will work on a new exhibition and publication
with the working title “Turkey; Youth of a Nation”. My main focus will be on how the young Turks are defining themselves within Turkish society. I’ve already edited some work I made during my trips on the Black sea coast and the Aegean sea. You can see them on some previous posts I made. The next year I will go even further and travel to more places and find old friends which I will photograph and interview on this topic. It’s a work in progress so I’m open to suggestions. If you want you can also leave your comments on my facebook page. So don’t hold back.

Talk to you soon.


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  1. If you like the novel ‘Persepolis’ you should also see the animation film. Nice graphical style, historical background and lots of humor!

  2. Beste Ahmet,
    Ik ben net naar Istanbul geweest en kwam tot mijn verrassing een poster van jou tegen bij het Istanbul Modern. Gekocht natuurlijk! Heb je tentoonstelling in Breda gezien. Leuk werk vind ik. Gelukkig hoef ik nu niet te raden naar het concept en maak je gewoon goede foto’s. Interessant thema waar je mee bezig bent.
    Hartelijke groet, Marijke Diel

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