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Trip to Bursa

March 24, 2010

The First time I came to Bursa was in 2005.
I was invited by UFAT ( amature photography club at the Uludag University ) to talk about my work and to look at some portfolios.

They didn’t have any budget to do the things they did, but they still did it anyways. Full with energy and ambition they created exhibitions , lectures, discussion panels and slide-shows. I met a lot of people that I still know today. Some of them have started a career in photography or are working within the realm of photography.
It’s such an inspiring group of people.

During my trip to Bursa last month I re-connected to the new members of UFAT and asked them to help me with my new work. With the help of Can, Elif, Cihan, Murat and many more it became a wonderful trip.
We organized a small lecture and discussed some of the difficulties of becoming a professional photographer.
The biggest question was; “How can we make money with photography and survive?”.

It’s more important to use photography to create stories you love and that you want to share. Instead of getting frustrated when you can’t make money and start to hate the business off photography. Especially in Turkey it’s one of the hardest things to do. Make money out of a creative job and still keep the joy of creating.

Turkey is a very inspiring place. Many young people walk around with dreams and ambition.
We complain sometimes that there is no support from above, but I believe that
organizations like UFAT who originate from the students themselves are the best place to start and develop creative and critical thinking. It’s a place to find like minded friends who can help each other to find their way.
Or sometimes get a bit lost as well. But that’s all part of it.

Thanks a lot to all my friends in Bursa.

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