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Afro Turks No.2: “Traces” exhibition and book publication in Izmir, Turkey.

May 3, 2010


Since 2006 I’ve been documenting Turks of African descend, who live in the region of Izmir. Together with Erik Vroons, a Dutch visual anthropologist who joined me in 2009, we started a research using archival, private collected images and interviews.

With this work we’ve created an exhibition and an online publication with the aim to create more attention and a better understanding of this ‘forgotten history’. At the same time we hope to give a better insight into the diverse and complex history that resides within the Turkish Republic.

It has been estimated that there are about 20,000-80,000 of Turks that have an African heritage. Although descendants of Africans live in Turkey since the time of the Ottoman slave trade, most people in Turkey lack knowledge about this heritage.

With the support of the Dutch Foundation for the Arts, 355°, Art Beyond Borders, The Dutch Consulate and UNESCO , we have self-published a booklet using the online publisher BLURB. This booklet includes both documentary photography and samples from private archives with a foreword by Ali Moussa Iye, representative of UNESCO and an accompanying essay written by Erik Vroons. The book will be available after the 10th of May. (

The results of our findings are to be seen at the K2 Gallery in Izmir.
The opening will be the 7th of May at 18:30.

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    Goed man!

    Alles wel daar?
    Hartelijke groet,

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