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Afro Turks No.3

May 14, 2010

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  1. shaziye ali permalink

    I love it, love you documenting Afroturks, I am afro cypriot (turkish)living in England. I identfy myself as a”Blackfeminist”since 1980s, it was imposrtant to put race in the politics of location.Cypriots are also colorblind but woulnt want want their child to marry “Arap”. Whilst in Cyprus we were Turkish Cypriots so nationality and ethnicity were important. I did not relaise I was black until I came to England in the 60s. In a way forced to take a side, I knew i werent white and itwas easier to embrace black inentity. I now like the ter afroturk or african cypriot. It embraces bith without compromising the other.

    My mother was born in Mersin(1915) to Turkish father and Sudanise mother(could be mixed not sure) they were promised better life in Cyprus and migrated to Cyprus when my mather was 14. find me on FB for a chat.

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